Improve Sleep with Natural Remedies Online

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An online course including simple to prepare remedies to help improve your sleep. The course includes a variety of learning materials including video tutorials. All material prepared by a qualified Medical Herbalist and Clinical Aromatherapist.


Improve Sleep with Natural Remedies Online

Do you have trouble sleeping? Or do you fall asleep only to waken a couple of hours later? Are you even more drained from counting sheep? Are you looking to improve sleep with natural remedies?

Poor quality sleep is tedious and affects both our mental and physical health.

This online course looks at some natural remedies and therapies. These are easily incorporated into daily life to help improve your sleep. In addition, a variety of remedies are included along with some simple recipes to prepare at home.

A Certificate of Completion is awarded on finishing all lessons and topics. The course includes an exploration of :

  • six medicinal plants including
    • herbs,
    • essential oils and
    • hydrolats
  • general lifestyle and nutritional advice to aid sleep
  • video tutorials
  • over a dozen recipes to follow and try at home including
    • tea blends
    • blends for inhalation/vaporisation
    • therapeutic soaks
    • massage and skin application
  • basic natural remedy preparations to aid in formulating your own remedies

Who is this Course for? :

This course is ideal for any individual with insomnia Equally, the course is ideal for any complementary therapist wishing to gain some insight into herbs and essential oils to benefit their clients.

Course Duration :

This is a self paced course. Should you choose to work through the material consecutively, it will take approximately two hours. Additional time will be required to prepare remedies.

You can, of course, choose to dip in-and-out of the lessons and topics such as the plant profiles, advice, preparation and recipe sections. Certainly, the beauty of online learning is you choose when. Thirty minutes a day or whatever suits your lifestyle.

So now it’s time for you to improve sleep with natural remedies online.

1 review for Improve Sleep with Natural Remedies Online

  1. JANIS MAGINNESS (verified owner)

    Whether you prefer herbal tea, long soaks in the bath or like to inhale or vaporisr, this course gives an excellent understanding of all, wish I had found this course when I was first starting, but even someone who has more than a basic knowledge will learn something new. The course gives so much, tips on plant profiles and added bonus of exploration of essential oils and hydrolats, how to make herbal teas, bath soaks, blends and let’s not forget explanation of different caused and behaviour patterns of Insomnia, how to adjust and improve sleep.
    Also having videos and written word enables the participant to read, listen and visualize instruction, which accommodates different learning methods.

    • Nicole (verified owner)

      Hi Janis, Thank you for your wonderful review. I’m really happy to read that you enjoyed the course and found it so informative. Thank you for taking the time to leave this super review 🙂

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