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Lamiaceae (Labiatae)

Peppermint or Spearmint so many minty teas

Mentha sp. I have written several articles which have included mints but have not, as yet written a profile solely on mint. There are so many different mints and so …

Other Botanical Families

Garlic and the Outlander Medicinal Uses

Garlic and the Outlander Medicinal Uses At Castle Leoch Mrs Fitz brings Claire some garlic bulbs, bags of herbs and cloth strips. Claire has Mrs Fitz peel the cloves. Several …

St Andrews CrossOther Botanical Families

St Andrews Cross for St Andrews Day

St Andrews Cross For St Andrews Day we’ll have a little look at Hypericum hypericoides, a little plant more commonly known as St Andrews Cross. I wonder why! It’s not …

Other Botanical Families

Plantain though not the banana, the white man’s foot

Plantago major / Plantago lanceolata Family: Plantaginaceae The Plantaginaceae is a family of 253 species, 250 are Plantago species. Plantago herbs are perennial with small flowers and generally parallel veins …

Other Botanical Families

We so do not need the knotweed… Fallopia japonica

Fallopia japonica or Reynoutria japonica or Polygonum cuspidatum Family Name: Polygonaceae French Name: Renouée du Japon This plant is native to East Asia predominately Japan, Taiwan and northern China. In its natural habitat …

Asteraceae (Compositae)

Milk Thistle not more of your dam thistles…

Carduus (or Silybum) marianus Family: Asteraceae First of all… Outlander… Well I have been avidly watching Outlander Season 3 waiting for some of my medicinal friends to arrive. I know …

Lamium album Budleigh SaltertonLamiaceae (Labiatae)

White Dead Nettle without the sting!

Lamium album Family: Lamiacaeae White dead nettle is a member of the thyme or mint family. However, as the common name suggests clumps of the herb resembles the stinging nettle. …

Asteraceae (Compositae)

Artemisia medicinal herbs from a busy lady !

Artemisia spp. And the name The scientific name Artemisia is often ascribed from the name of the goddess Artemis. You may see Artemis listed as the goddess of the hunt …

Asteraceae (Compositae)

Hemp-Like Immune Boost or Raspberries and Cream ??

Eupatorium cannabinum Family: Asteraceae What’s in a name? The scientific name ‘cannabinum’ means hemp-like and refers to the leaves of this plant thought to resemble Cannabis sativa. Common names include …

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