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Aude Arboretum

Trees, Trees and more Trees

I discovered a fabulous arboretum last weekend. There were some fascinating native and introduced species. As an added bonus it is not too far away so I will be able to visit regularly and see the trees change with the seasons.

The image to the right is a Sequoia sempervirens. This is more commonly known as a coast or Californian redwood. These trees can grow to a considerable size. In California these are the poor trees you may see that have had pathways cut through the middle of them. They are so large. I love the thick spongy bark.

AnAude arboretumother unusual species for this part of the world, the Cryptomeria japonica to the left. This is more commonly known as the Japanese red cedar. I am particularly fond of the cones of this tree. They look quite fluffy though they are actually quite spiky.

There were many native trees too. These included the Quercus petraea, commonly known as sessile oak and the Sorbus aria better known as white beam.

I am looking forward to visiting again in the spring when the broadleaf trees will be bursting into life.


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