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How to make… Basic Herbal Ointment or Salve Recipe

How to make … Basic Herbal Ointment Recipe Herbal ointments or salves differ from creams and lotions in that the basic ingredients are oil based. Ointments or salves are simpler …

Herbal Articles

Plant Medicines for Mothers-To-Be and New Babies

Simple Herbs for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Baby Care The following five herbs are easily obtained either from the garden or your local health food store or medical herbalist. Money is …

Herbal Fables and Anecdotes

Favourite Flower Poll: Which is Your Favourite?

So which flower is your favourite? Back in July I posted the following four flower images on Facebook asking for a favourite. It was really interesting to read the responses. and …

Herbal Articles

Herbal First Aid with Garden Herbs

Herbal First Aid There are any number of herbs that would work very well in a herbal first aid kit. The following simple everyday uses are for some more well-known …

Herbal Fables and Anecdotes

July Images from the Garden

Medicinal Herb Garden Images

July 2016

A selection of some of my favourite photographs of the flowering plants from my own medicinal garden in the Aude. Nature in all her beauty. These photographs have been taken over the last couple of days.

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