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Montpellier Market and Learning French…

Should you ever visit Montpellier the Saturday market at Arceaux (beneath the aqueduct) is well worth a trip. The aqueduct is very interesting to see too and was the first means of bringing water to the city.

Montpellier Market and Learning FrenchHowever, I am constantly trying to improve my French so visiting Montpellier market and learning French common names for medicinal plants was a wonderful way to spend a morning.

The market offers an inviting array of fresh fruit and vegetables. The fresh and inspiring aromas of a French producers market.

The herb stall was particularly fascinating for me. Although the scientific names for plants are the same worldwide common names vary considerably. Even between England and Scotland there are differences in some common names for plants.

Learning French …

Some names I knew such as pissenlit, frêne, souci and bourrache. However there were some new ones too. Whenever I write a plant profile for the blog I try and remember to add the French common name to make it a little easier for anyone trying to source in France.

Montpellier Market and Learning FrenchI knew menthe poivrée was peppermint but I didn’t know menthe pouliot was pennyroyal. I was also unaware that cynorrhodon was the French common name for rosehip. I’m not even sure where you would start pronouncing that one! Coquelicot is poppy though I was unsure which poppy. The most bizarre of all chiendent is wheatgrass and here I was looking at it hoping it wasn’t some sort of dogs tooth!!!

Always something new to learn. I really enjoyed the Montpellier market and learning French common names for some medicinal friends.


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