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Using Natural Therapies for Digestive Problems

This is an article I wrote and had published back in August 2010. Although some years have passed since publication the information is just as relevant today. It provides a good understanding of how herbal medicine works.

Published Article:

Tummy Trouble

Readers of the Daily Telegraph may have read “Herbal Remedy for Digestive Disorder” in the 9th August edition.

The article highlighted the plight of Nikki Page and her troublesome digestion.

Nikki’s problems included a bloated and upset stomach, multiple sensitivities and allergies to a large number of foods, fatigue, acid reflux, lethargy and pains in muscles and joints.

After many years of misery Nikki consulted with a Medical Herbalist and Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH).

Following a consultation, Nikki was prescribed a herbal tincture and commenced on treatment. She described the treatment as “life-transforming” advising she now has more energy and is no longer permanently bloated. In addition, she stated she could have a glass of wine, eat out without worrying and visit friends without rattling off a list of foods she couldn’t eat.

Herbal Medicine for Digestion

Effective herbal treatment begins by considering the cause or trigger of symptoms. Treatment is tailored to each individual. No two people would present with exactly the same symptoms or trigger(s) and so no two people can be treated with the same herbs.

Herbs are excellent for improving absorption of nutrients from food and toning and strengthening the digestive tract.

Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) for Digestion

Manual lymph drainage (MLD) can also help with digestive disturbance particularly where there is abdominal discomfort or fluid imbalance. MLD is a specialised therapy which is designed to improve the functioning of the lymphatic system. It is relaxing and soothing to receive and can help reduce fluid retention.

… and a further note…

We are, of course, all responsible for our own health. It is wonderful to be  in a position where we can grow, collect and prepare our own medicines. We are very fortunate to be able to use nature to do this.

However, the above is a reminder sometimes we may not have the knowledge to treat ourselves effectively. Often at this stage I hear “I tried such-and-such and herbs don’t work”. It may simply be a selection of the wrong plant or plants.

Consider this, if a fuse blows in a plug for a table lamp, you may fix this yourself. If a bulb blows, of course, you replace and essentially, fix it yourself. However, if you have a more serious problem you would automatically call for a professional electrician rather than risk a house fire.

Particularly in a more complex case like Nikki above, seeking professional help is paramount. In this case Nikki achieved a successful outcome with the help and advice of a professional medical herbalist.


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Diploma in Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Science

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