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A little change from l’Aude

heather-in-the-new-forest-october-2016Road Trip to UK

I haven’t written a post for a couple of weeks. I have been away on a bit of a road trip. The trip included some time in both England and Scotland.

It has been an extremely hot and dry summer here in the Aude. Driving north, first through France and then England, the sharp contrast in the colours of nature was all too apparent. From sun parched yellows and browns in the Aude to glistening bright greens in the wetter Northern climates of Cumbria and on to Scotland.

When living in Scotland I tired of those grey, wet days. I was fortunate to have some glorious days in Scotland this trip, if a little cold particularly in the mornings and evenings. This trip was a reminder of just how important weather is to our health and wellbeing. Plants need water (rain) as well as the sunshine. The abundance of plant life in the UK was astounding compared to my poor, parched, dry medicinal herb garden here in the Aude. Of course, too much rain can be just as damaging as not enough!

Anyway here are a few wonderful photographs from my trip. Some lovely sunny days and some wet and wild days. These photos were taken in Cornwall, East Devon, Cumbria or Scotland. All taken between late September and early October.

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