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frosty floral februaryOther Herb-y Bits and Pieces

Frosty Floral February

Frosty Floral February

Well we may have had some cold and frosty mornings but there is still colour to be found in nature. And even some signs that Spring is on the way….

Some images taken in frosty floral February.

cardabelle door charm carlinaHerbal Fables and Anecdotes

Cardabelle door charm for good luck, protection against evil and a weather forecast

Carlina acanthifolia French common name: cardabelle If you have ever visited the villages of Saint Guilhem-le-Désert or La Couvertoirade you may have noticed the above dried flowerhead nailed to many …

Herbal Fables and Anecdotes

Non Native Alien Plant Species in Europe

Non Native Alien Plant Species in Europe First up the trees… My friend Sue, who happens to be an ecologist, recently attended a tree seminar. She mentioned the London Tree …

Lamium album Budleigh SaltertonLamiaceae (Labiatae)

White Dead Nettle without the sting!

Lamium album Family: Lamiacaeae White dead nettle is a member of the thyme or mint family. However, as the common name suggests clumps of the herb resembles the stinging nettle. …

Asteraceae (Compositae)

Hemp-Like Immune Boost or Raspberries and Cream ??

Eupatorium cannabinum Family: Asteraceae What’s in a name? The scientific name ‘cannabinum’ means hemp-like and refers to the leaves of this plant thought to resemble Cannabis sativa. Common names include …

dandelion TaraxacumAsteraceae (Compositae)

Dandelion teeth of the lion – for kidney, liver and digestive function

Taraxacum officinale Family: Asteraceae So why dandelion? I have sat down to write this post for a friend. Ian is a fantastic photographer. Frequently his stunning photographs include trees, squirrels …

Stachys betonica - wood betonyLamiaceae (Labiatae)

Wood betony a revered cephalic medicinal

Stachys betonica Family Lamiaceae What is in a name? Named after its discoverers, the Vettones of Lusitania (Barker). However, de Baïracli Levy suggested the name is derived from Celtic ‘ben’ referring to head …

medicinal garden weedsHerbal Articles

Free food foraging of wild edible plants, a popular pastime

Free food foraging of wild edible plants, a popular pastime Over the springtime I am frequently asked about plants for wild foraging.  Free food foraging of wild edible plants is …

Herbal Fables and Anecdotes

Elderflower Cordial, Wine or Liqueur ?

Elderflower Cordial, Wine or Liqueur ? Elderflowers are in full beautiful bloom. My mind is currently a spinning wondering what delicacies I can make. Do I opt for more tincture …

How to make...

How to make… Basic Herbal Tincture Recipe

How to make … Basic Herbal Tincture Recipe When making a tincture, alcohol is used to extract the medicinal properties of the plant material. Tinctures are ideal for herbs you may wish to …