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Other Botanical Families

Garlic and the Outlander Medicinal Uses

Garlic and the Outlander Medicinal Uses At Castle Leoch Mrs Fitz brings Claire some garlic bulbs, bags of herbs and cloth strips. Claire has Mrs Fitz peel the cloves. Several …

St Andrews CrossOther Botanical Families

St Andrews Cross for St Andrews Day

St Andrews Cross For St Andrews Day we’ll have a little look at Hypericum hypericoides, a little plant more commonly known as St Andrews Cross. I wonder why! It’s not …

Other Botanical Families

Plantain though not the banana, the white man’s foot

Plantago major / Plantago lanceolata Family: Plantaginaceae The Plantaginaceae is a family of 253 species, 250 are Plantago species. Plantago herbs are perennial with small flowers and generally parallel veins …

Other Botanical Families

We so do not need the knotweed… Fallopia japonica

Fallopia japonica or Reynoutria japonica or Polygonum cuspidatum Family Name: Polygonaceae French Name: Renouée du Japon This plant is native to East Asia predominately Japan, Taiwan and northern China. In its natural habitat …

linden blossom or lime flowerOther Botanical Families

Linden Blossom or Lime Flower Tree though not a citrus…

Tilia sp. Family: Tilioideae (formally Tiliaceae) Tilioideae is a sub-family of Malvaceae. French common name: Tilleul Linden Blossom or Lime Flower Tree So is it a linden blossom or lime flower tree? Both names …

Other Botanical Families

Cedarwood of the Atlas mountains

Cedrus atlantica Family: Pinaceae French: cèdre de l’atlas The Pinaceae family are resin producing trees (Barker). This magnificent tree is not native to Europe. I did not study this as …

Other Botanical Families

May Violets Spring! Sweet Violets in February

Viola odorata Family Violaceae This beautiful little flower is a welcome sight in my garden at this time of year. Flowering is from February to May (Barker). The photos here taken …

European AshOther Botanical Families

European Ash – an ancient tree

Fraxinus excelsior Family: Oleaceae At this time of year there is less variety of plant life. However, whatever the season thankfully we always have the trees. The European ash, or …