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Other Botanical Families

Plantain though not the banana, the white man’s foot

Plantago major / Plantago lanceolata Family: Plantaginaceae The Plantaginaceae is a family of 253 species, 250 are Plantago species. Plantago herbs are perennial with small flowers and generally parallel veins …

Other Botanical Families

We so do not need the knotweed… Fallopia japonica

Fallopia japonica or Reynoutria japonica or Polygonum cuspidatum Family Name: Polygonaceae French Name: Renouée du Japon This plant is native to East Asia predominately Japan, Taiwan and northern China. In its natural habitat …

Herbal Articles

Botanical members of the Fagaceae family

Botanical members of the Fagaceae family Often, on herb walks, people are surprised to discover beech and oak trees are related. Both the beech and oak are botanical members of …

dandelion TaraxacumAsteraceae (Compositae)

Dandelion teeth of the lion – for kidney, liver and digestive function

Taraxacum officinale Family: Asteraceae So why dandelion? I have sat down to write this post for a friend. Ian is a fantastic photographer. Frequently his stunning photographs include trees, squirrels …

medicinal garden weedsHerbal Articles

Free food foraging of wild edible plants, a popular pastime

Free food foraging of wild edible plants, a popular pastime Over the springtime I am frequently asked about plants for wild foraging.  Free food foraging of wild edible plants is …

Herbal Fables and Anecdotes

Elderflower Cordial, Wine or Liqueur ?

Elderflower Cordial, Wine or Liqueur ? Elderflowers are in full beautiful bloom. My mind is currently a spinning wondering what delicacies I can make. Do I opt for more tincture …

linden blossom or lime flowerOther Botanical Families

Linden Blossom or Lime Flower Tree though not a citrus…

Tilia sp. Family: Tilioideae (formally Tiliaceae) Tilioideae is a sub-family of Malvaceae. French common name: Tilleul Linden Blossom or Lime Flower Tree So is it a linden blossom or lime flower tree? Both names …

Other Botanical Families

May Violets Spring! Sweet Violets in February

Viola odorata Family Violaceae This beautiful little flower is a welcome sight in my garden at this time of year. Flowering is from February to May (Barker). The photos here taken …


Purslane for a cooling, healing salad

Portulaca oleracea Family: Portulacaceae Barker describes purslane as a creeping annual which can spread from 10-30 cm. The end of the stems are much leafier. Here you may find a few …

Lamiaceae (Labiatae)

Red Dead-Nettle loved by bees

Lamium purpureum Family: Lamiaceae (mint or thyme family) This little purple annual tricks us into thinking she is a cousin of the stinging nettle. Even the common name suggests this. Lamium purpureum …

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