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Herbal Fables and Anecdotes

Herbs and Gardens of Ancient Egypt – a new discovery

Herbs and Gardens of Ancient Egypt Last month archaeologists from the Spanish National Research Council discovered an ancient funerary garden while excavating near Luxor in Egypt. The garden is thought to …

Herbal Fables and Anecdotes

Elderflower Cordial, Wine or Liqueur ?

Elderflower Cordial, Wine or Liqueur ? Elderflowers are in full beautiful bloom. My mind is currently a spinning wondering what delicacies I can make. Do I opt for more tincture …

Herbal Fables and Anecdotes

Voodoo and New Orleans Spells with Herbs

Voodoo and New Orleans Spells Some years back I was lucky enough to visit New Orleans. A fabulous fun place of blues and jazz. In addition, and right up my street, there are …

Herbal Fables and Anecdotes

Outlander Claire Frasers Herbal Knowledge

Outlander Claire Frasers Herbal Knowledge Twenty years ago I began reading the Outlander series of books. Helen DuFriend, an American friend and work colleague, was engrossed in the Outlander books. She …

Hot infusion herbal teaHerbal Fables and Anecdotes

Moroccan Spice Souks and Medicinal Herbs

Visiting Morocco Whenever I visit a new place I am always keen to see or learn about their use of herbs and spices. Introduction to Moroccan tea… My first Moroccan introduction …

Herbal Fables and Anecdotes

Jardin des Plantes de Montpellier

Oldest Botanical Garden in France On Sunday I visited Montpellier. Montpellier is within the Languedoc region in the département de l’Hérault, near the Mediterranean. During my visit to this corner of the …

Herbal Fables and Anecdotes

A little change from l’Aude…

A little change from l’Aude Road Trip to UK I haven’t written a post for a couple of weeks. I have been away on a bit of a road trip. …

Herbal Fables and Anecdotes

Favourite Flower Poll: Which is Your Favourite?

So which flower is your favourite? Back in July I posted the following four flower images on Facebook asking for a favourite. It was really interesting to read the responses. and …

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