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dandelion TaraxacumAsteraceae (Compositae)

Dandelion teeth of the lion – for kidney, liver and digestive function

Taraxacum officinale Family: Asteraceae So why dandelion? I have sat down to write this post for a friend. Ian is a fantastic photographer. Frequently his stunning photographs include trees, squirrels …

Stachys betonica - wood betonyLamiaceae (Labiatae)

Wood betony a revered cephalic medicinal

Stachys betonica Family Lamiaceae What is in a name? Named after its discoverers, the Vettones of Lusitania (Barker). However, de Baïracli Levy suggested the name is derived from Celtic ‘ben’ referring to head …

linden blossom or lime flowerOther Botanical Families

Linden Blossom or Lime Flower Tree though not a citrus…

Tilia sp. Family: Tilioideae (formally Tiliaceae) Tilioideae is a sub-family of Malvaceae. French common name: Tilleul Linden Blossom or Lime Flower Tree So is it a linden blossom or lime flower tree? Both names …

Other Botanical Families

Cedarwood of the Atlas mountains

Cedrus atlantica Family: Pinaceae French: cèdre de l’atlas The Pinaceae family are resin producing trees (Barker). This magnificent tree is not native to Europe. I did not study this as …

Other Botanical Families

May Violets Spring! Sweet Violets in February

Viola odorata Family Violaceae This beautiful little flower is a welcome sight in my garden at this time of year. Flowering is from February to May (Barker). The photos here taken …

European AshOther Botanical Families

European Ash – an ancient tree

Fraxinus excelsior Family: Oleaceae At this time of year there is less variety of plant life. However, whatever the season thankfully we always have the trees. The European ash, or …

Asteraceae (Compositae)

Marigold my favourite drop of golden sun

Calendula officinalis Family: Asteraceae French common name: souci Regular readers will no doubt have guessed Calendula officinalis (marigold) is a particular personal favourite. I have mentioned this medicinal ally so many times. …


Purslane for a cooling, healing salad

Portulaca oleracea Family: Portulacaceae Barker describes purslane as a creeping annual which can spread from 10-30 cm. The end of the stems are much leafier. Here you may find a few …

elecampane medicinal garden Thyme BreaksAsteraceae (Compositae)

Elecampane for coughs and chest complaints

Inula helenium Family: Asteraceae The name is thought to derive from Greek ‘helenion’ meaning ‘Helen’ possibly from Helen of Troy. One story describes the plants growth from her tears. The …

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